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found dead inside his burning taxi on wednesday near gallaudet university. darcy spencer live outside d.c. superior court with new developments in this case. darcy? >> reporter: jim, the two teens appeared right near d.c. superior court earlier this afternoon. they stood side-by-side, but we don't know how they may know one another. one of the attorneys said they both have spotless records. what they're facing in their young lives, murder. a 17-year-old girl charged in the murder of a d.c. cab driver making their way out of d.c. superior court nap after a judge ordered the teen and her 17-year-old co-defendant joshua mub bay mubbane held without bail. police have not officially released his name. >> a nice person. very cheerful with his work. nerve her any problems or anything like that. >> reporter: police found the cabbie's car on fire wednesday night in the 1400 block near gel gallaudet university. died from a gunshot wound to the head. >> initially received some tips, and that led us to then through witness information. >> reporter: authorities say the motive for the kills was robbe
this taxi which caught fire earlier this week near g gallaudet university. >> if you're going to do that, bud why you kill the person although police aren't releasing the victim's name, he just purchased a house for his wife and kids. >> it's a dangerous job. it's not easy. >> the two teens are from maryland, one of them from waldorf. >> we initially received some tips and that led us to witness information. >> wednesday night, a few feet from the dorms of gallaudet university, police witnessed the lincoln town car burning and the driver still inside. >> reporter: the car became fully engulfed in flames. and why? what's the reason behind this? detectivives expect an armed robbery. >> we are still attempting to see what if anything was stolen. >> an exclusive interview. we're hearing new details about the moments after an attack on an 81-year-old woman. police say a teenager broke into the victim's house. he beat her, robbed her and ran away. the mail carrier knocked on the woman's door shortly after that. >> i know she was disturbed. she reached out to me and said you have to help me. i
about a big fire in northeast at fourth and morse. that's east of gallaudet university. you want to watch out for the closures in and around that area and avoid it if you can. northbound 95 not looking too bad. 42 miles an hour. as you head up toward triangle and then again in woodbridge across the occoquan river. we'll take a live look outside show you what it looks like here in springfield and this is typical for this time of the morning. leaving route 644 to the beltway 395 beginning to see the brake lights as well right around duke street. back to the maps this time we're heading to the other side of town. no issues on the beltway. north of town. college park into silver spring looking good and 270 brake lights of course. let's take a live look there at route 109. and this is pretty much what it looks like as you leave frederick it's going off and on down to 121 before the pace improves, back with more at 6:25. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. it's 6:17, it's time for another lookout the question of the mo -- look at the question of the morning -- >> our facebook frien
near gallaudet university.figure out what spar warehouse fire near gallaudet university. megan mcgrath with a new set back we're hearing about for firefighters. >> reporter: it's not so much new setback, it's just an ongoing challenge for firefighters. this is a very difficult type of blaze. it a warehouse fire. this is the old union market warehouse district. have a lot of old buildings that are crammed full of merchandise, many of the wholesale vendors here specialize in meats and poultry, but there are a number of restaurant supply companies, textiles, vendors who sell t-shirts and souvenirs and the like. it was one of those businesses where they believe that this fire originated. so that business was filled with t-shirts and other things that were very, very flammable. that made it a very difficult situation for firefighters to get their hands on, because there was all of this flammable stuff jammed into one spot. >> warehouses are a nightmare for firefighters. it makes it hard for us to get in and then there's a lot of merchandise in a small space. so it's hard to put a fire
trees around this fence between hamilton school on one side and dormitories at gheit @ -- gallaudet university for the deaf. so far no identification of the victim. we have asked members of the large taxicab community if they have heard of anyone missing. neither the commission are companies like this one that uses lincoln's has. a you concern? >> we are. we cannot know until we have the information. >> school staffers told us that after hours, the parking lot is a hangout for homeless people and the scene of illicit activity. area residents agree. >> people come and come back in this area. >> no word on why this cab was in the parking lot behind a close school nor what connected -- what led to someone's death. police are calling this the death investigation. the police handling this. if foul play was involved, it will be transferred to -- from major crash to homicide. >> police say they have met an arrest -- made an arrest in a home invasion robbery. the suspect is tyrane mcelrath. he is accused of attacking an 81-year-old woman who lives there. a mailman found a woman on the front
>>> this is breaking news on news 4 at 11:00. >> flames race through a warehouse near gallaudet university. the scene is so intense, all firefighters have been told to evacuate the building. >> this is happening off morse street. derrick? >> reporter: >> yeah, this fire started a little over an hour ago. this is the union market. i'm going to step out of the way and let you take a look at what's happening. the fire went to two alarms quickly after the firefighters arrived on the scene. they noticed smoke and flames in the walls and in the upper levels. this's when the order was given to pull out. there was recently a multi-milliion dollar renovation down to the structure. there were about a dozen businesses here in the district. two alarms, many firefighters on the scene. we don't have any information. we do not believe that there was anyone inside or anyone injured or any firefighters injured at this point. right now, the concern is saving the structure and the dozen or so businesses that are here. they're fighting this fire from both sides of the building. there's an alley sho
gallaudet university. >> a woman hit by a car in silver spring is in critical condition tonight. police say she was walking across georgia avenue and a car hit her. investigators believe the woman was not in the crosswalk at the time. the driver stayed on the scene. his 10-year-old son was in the car with him at the time of that accident. >> tonight, some major changes in d.c. could impact the kind of care you receive in an emergency. erica gonzalez is live to tell us the time of day your hurt could make the biggest difference. erica? >> droreen, during the day, tha might be the most important time or the most available time that you should think about whenever you need medical attention. but what if the shootings, what if the drownings, want if your next heart attack happens in "off peak" time s? >>> to keep up, kenneth ellerby is calling for a power shift. increasing coverage during the busiest of periods. >> we know that we don't have the capacity to meet the service demand as it increases. our population is increasing. folks are living longer. we want to make sure that we have the can b
gallaudet university. they say he was shot in the head. co-workers say violence against cabbies is not uncommon. >> a lot of times this happen, especially mugging goes on. we have a couple of report like that but never had anything serious like this. >> police say the motive for the killing was robbery. both teens are being held without bond. >>> more veterans than ever are unemployed. and today there was a push to get those veterans to work now that they're home from war. there was a career fair for veterans today at george mason university. employers from geico to northrop grumman came tout talk to job candidate. one local company's also doing its part to hire war heroes. two marines moving is a growing moving company that's hired 35 veterans this weekend alone and is hoping to hire 50 by the end of the weekend. anyone interested can still apply. >>> there are several events tomorrow around our nation's capital to mark veterans day. arlington cemetery holds its annual veterans day service which includes a wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 11:00 a.m. at mt. ve
. >>> in northeast d.c., an unusual investigation near gallaudet university. the body of someone was found outside a burning car just off brentwood parkway around 9:00 last night. no word on the cause of death. we are working to find out more from police. >>> president obama is back in washington. he and the rest of the first family arrived last night from chicago where they celebrated the president's re-election. he comes back to work with a big issue before him. congressional leaders from both parties say that now that the election is over they can work with the president on a deal to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. that would mean spending cuts and tax hikes that could plunge the nation into another recession. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we're ready to be led. not as democrats or republicans. but as americans. we want you to lead. not as a liberal or conservative. but as president of the united states of america. >> the american people want us to work together. republicans want us to work together. >> congress much reach a deal to avoid that fiscal cliff by the end of the year. >>
found right near gallaudet university. that discovery was made around 9:00 tonight. there's no word on a cause of death. >> we turn our attention now to sports. here's cara. what are we looking at? >> there was a lot of shouting if you were listening at the sports office. >> there's always a lot of shouting. >> the wizard's game, second straight game versus the seltices. wizards looking for the first game of the season. they get a lot of "wows" but do they get that "w"? looking to wait, pick this up, under 20 seconds left to play. krisz singleton from the three-point line. with nine seconds to play, singleton big off the bench, 14 points. so the celtics scoring for the win on the next possession. but londo's three, yes, time is expiring, off the mark and we are headed to overtime. in the o.t., wiz down three with under 45 seconds to go. sing singleton, up for the shot. but boston's d too tough inside. rajon to brandon bass. this is what we like to call a dagger. celtics win 100-94. thank you for not looking that up on your twitter, doug. bradley biel, by the way, it's not enough as
to a story we brought you last night at 11:00. this is near gallaudet university in d.c. officials don't know what started the fire. the internal layout of the century-old building made it dangerous to fight the fire from the inside. >>> cameras mounted in buses have now recorded bus operators nodding off 68 times over the last two years. these cameras are triggered when a bus hits something or makes a sudden stop. drowsy driving accounted for less than 1% of the drive cam incidents. metro says, though, one instance of driver fatigue is too many. the cameras they say helps the agency takes action. the drivers caught sleeping were ordered to undergo medical tests before they got back to the job. >>> two more suspects tied to nine violent attacks at eastern market are now in custody. police announced the arrest of two men today, three others already in custody. one of the attacks in august left a young father thomas mazz lan in a coma for six days and blind in one eye. >>> tonight a woman stabbed more than 25 times and then left for dead is getting stronger. as she recovers, she wants her attac
burning taxi earlier this week near gallaudet university. news 4's erika gonzalez has more on what police believe led to the murder. >> if you are going to do that -- but why are you killing the person you know? just rob them and go away. don't kill the person. >> reporter: amir has been driving cabs for midway for about five years. though police aren't releasing the victim's name amir says he knew his colleague well enough to know he was hard working. he just purchased a house for his wife and kids. >> it's a dangerous job. >> reporter: the two teens are from maryland. >> we initially received some tips and that led us to them through witness information. >> reporter: wednesday night a few feet from the doors of gallaudet university the police spotted the car burning, the driver still inside. according to detectives the man wound up veering off of this driveway and into this fence and these trees. when the car became fully engulfed in flames. why? what the reason behind this? detectives suspect an armed robbery. >> we are still attempting to determine what if anything was taken. >>> a ma
, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a warehouse fire near gallaudet university. this is happening at the union market building at the intersection of fourth and moore street. megan mcgrath is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: you can see behind me here a lot of the firefighters still here on the scene. at this point, the fire is under control. they're keeping a close eye on it, though, because it had a number of flare-ups through the evening. they just want to make sure that they're not going to have any more hot spots become a problem here, so they're going to keep a presence here on the scene. this fire broke out at around 9:00 last night. this is the old union market area. this is a wholesale market. there are a number of small vendors. many of them specializing in meats, poultry, fish and the like. wholesale vendors here. many internationally -- with an international flare here. exactly what caused the fire to start or the blaze to crop up here late last night, still under investigation. i can tell you that there are a number of businesses th
. bordering gallaudet university. records show detectives found a pair of jeans bury wore the night of the murder. a note said, we should have took the dude's money. charging documents also indicate during a search of mebone's residence they found a gun, but it's unclear whether that gun was the weapon. darcy spencer, news4. >>> there's a new push for information about a fairfax county girl found dead in baltimore four years ago. the parents of 16-year-old annie mccann increased the reward they're offering to $15,000. and they've launched this new website, justice for it features a photo of their daughter and details they got about the case. she ran away from home in '08, and found dead of an apparent drug overdose. police have said all the evidence so far suggests it was a suicide, but her parents believe the case was not handled properly. and they're urging police to relaunch their investigation. >>> more disabled veterans are trying to find a job and they're facing real difficulties in this economy. plus a lot of them do not have the skills to properly compete for jobs
trees. bordering gallaudet university. in search of her home, detectives found a pair of jeans bury allegedly wore the night of the murder. in a pocket, there was a note that she admitted to writing. it said, we should have took the dude's money. co-workers say mohammed was a husband and father of two children. >> he was a nice person, nice gentleman. he was very serious about his work. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >>> detectives say they also found a gun and ammunition in joshua mebone's home. but it is still unclear whether that gun was the murder weapon. both teenagers are held without bond right now. >>> former d.c. council chairman kwame brown will find out how much jail time he will get for felony bank fraud. brown is expected in federal court tomorrow for sentencing. he pled guilty over the summer. he's facing up to six months in jail. the prosecution is asking for only six days and three years probation. brown re signed as chairman of the d.c. council earlier this year. >>> hundreds of workers at the walter reed medical center say they haven't been paid since last mont
investigation near the campus of gallaudet university in northeast d.c. a body found outside of a burning car just off brentwood parkway around 9:00 last night. no word yet on the cause of death. we're working to find out more from police. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. >>> in prince george's county, police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in hill crest heights. the shooting happened around 7:00 last night on 23rd parkway. officers found a man outside an apartment with a gunshot wound. police are still trying to find out what led to that shooting. >>> also new this morning, illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is reportedly in talks with federal prosecutors negotiating a plea deal. a source tells the "chicago sun-times," "no one has pled guilty, but plea discussions are ongoing." the democrat is under investigation for misusing campaign funds to decorate his washington home. he's also under information for allegedly buying a $40,000 rolex for a friend. if jackson pleads guilty to a felony, he will forced to resign his congressional seat. he just won re-ele
for the death of mohammed kadeer. police found his burning body inside a cab near gallaudet university in the district. then police say a tip linked mebane to the shooting of teresa bass in waldorf. she was shot to death while walking along a trail with her husband. the teen lived a half mile from the bass home. neighbors say the arrest offers some reassurance for their community. >> certainly relieved that there's been an apprehension in this case, that the community's been on edge. we have certainly felt our hearts go out to that family. >> charles county detectives say forensic tests showed shell casings from the waldorf murder scene matched a gun found in mebane's home. the teen's girlfriend, linda bury, is also in jail facing charges in the cab driver's death. >>> day two of testimony picks up in the murder trial for a bowie university student. alexis simpson is accused of stabbing her roommate dominique frazier to death last year. the two got into a fight over loud music in a dorm. in court frazier's friends testified that simpson was the aggressor. defense attorneys say simpson
to that shooting. >>> an unusual investigation near gallaudet university. a body found outside a burning car just off brentwood parkway around 9:00 last night. no word on the cause of death here. we are working to find out more from police and bring you updates as we get new information. >>> this week, gay and lesbians -- they won't receive them jl january 2nd. baltimore's tourism website already has a section for same-sex couples wanting to mar rirk hoping to lure couples in from other states after new york city brought in around $259 million during the first year couples could wed there. >> the first new jobs to come from the passage of question seven in maryland could be available soon. anders of new casinos say they're planning the hire hundreds of people in the maryland live casino expects to hire more than 1,200 new people to handle new table games. prince george's county should have a casino by 2016 while mgm wants to build one in national harbor. >>> new this morning, illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is reportedly negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors. a source tells the
was found near gallaudet university. the teenagers are accused of robbing and then shooting kadir. co-workers say violence against cabbies is all too common. >> at nighttime, it's pretty dangerous. the city is quiet. and we want the city to at least look after our cab drivers. >> both teens are being held without bond. >>> this morning in decision 2012, the final votes are in from last week's presidential election. voters from florida, which was the final state to have a winner declared, gave the state to president obama, solidifying his already certain re-election victory. here's how the final electoral map looks. with florida's 29 electoral votes, the president raises his total to 332 over mitt romney's 206. the president defeated romney in the sunshine state by 74,000 votes. unlike some elections past, this time florida was not the state that determined which candidate won. some say the reason it took so long for florida to count those votes was because there wasn't enough time for early voting. >>> the time right now is nine minutes after 9:00. still ahead, crimes of opportunity.
in a blaze near gallaudet university. >> reporter: all the remains scorched earth and burned tries. obvious signs that something violent happened here. it was shortly after 9:00 p.m. police got the report of a fire behind the hamilton school in northwest. they found a car completely engulfed in flames. they found the body of an adult male. it was found in the drive way of the parking lot, one way in, one way out. police are calling it an apparent car crash. the fire was big enough they evacuated one of the dorms. no students were injured. what remains now is a mystery as to how this happens. in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. >>> who would attack a girl inside a bathroom at a public library? the girl told police she was studying at the thomas jefferson library when she noticed a man staring at her. she ducked into the ladies room for safety and he followed and assaulted her. >>> police say a woman has reported being groped in one fairfax county neighborhood. police believe the man in that sketch is responsible for all attacks. it happened within a half hour of each other. several of these
union market building near gallaudet university. so far, no word on a cause yet. as news4's megan mcgrath reports, it is still causing problems in the neighborhood. >> reporter: smoke could be seen billowing out the windows and the roof of the warehouse. early on, concerns cropped up about the safety of firefighters. they had to pull back and attack the flames from a safe distance. >> warehouses are a nightmare for firefighters. the building is insecure and keeps burglars out, so it's hard to get in, and there's a lot of merchandise in a small place. >> reporter: the old union market consists of wholesale warehouses. many of the vendors specialize in meats and poultry. others sell souvenirs and textiles. the blaze broke out in a warehouse filled with clothing, and then spread to adjoining businesses. electricity to the whole area was cut. >> they have all the electricity off, so we've got no electricity. won't be able to operate until they get started. >> reporter: as the sun came up, firefighters began to take a closer look. smoke still coming out of the windows. the power outage be
it into perspective gist east of gallaudet university fourth and morse street northeast and then florida avenue of course affected right there as well. so keep that in mind for your travel plans east of gallaudet. now here coming in from 66, manassas centreville fairfax, no issues to report. we're looking good right now. but again it's going to be a normal rush hour and that means delays will form quickly through the rush hour. a live look outside near route 28 and you can see the traffic is moving well. let's go back over to our maps this time we'll head over to the southern side of maryland. no problems out of brandy wine or ac key week and a live look at -- accokeek and a live look here. >>> robert griffin iii is being compared to last year's rookie of the year. >> but it turns out rg3 would rather be compared to someone else instead of cam newton. that story coming up at 6:00. >> and we want to take another look at our question of the morning -- >> yep, okay, so our facebook friend joe wrote -- i agree, that movie still freaks me out. >> me too. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page leave y
inside his burning cab wednesday night on brentwood parkway near gallaudet university. the teenagers are accused of robbing and then shooting kadir. >>> this morning, police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted and robbed two when. the attack happened thursday morning. the women tell police the men pulled up to them in two separate cars and forced them to perform a sex act. the men stole one of the women's cell phone and a coat. so far, police have not made any arrests in the case. >>> also this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly explosion in indiana. we just got some new video showing the flames. the blast happened around 11:00 last night near indianapolis. two people died and several other people were hurt. police evacuated more than 200 people from the neighborhood and set up a shelter at a nearby elementary school. the blast destroyed two homes and damaged several others. >>> this morning we're hearing from a passenger onboard a southwest airlines flight that skidded after landing at the denver international airport. the boeing 737 was co
of speech. ask angela mccaskill, who lost her position after 23 years at gallaudet university for simply signing a petition to allow the people of maryland to vote on a marriage. tell her that this is simply about what two people choose to do that love each other. this is about altering fundamentally altering america. host: tony perkins with the family research council, serves as their president. is the website. in our last segment with to give ballot measures across the united states. next jennie bowser will walk us through what is out there. and you can ask questions about it as well. we will be right nexback. ♪ >> why would the t want to assassinate william henry's storage? >> this has been the subject of some debate. some scholars think that booth realized that in the event of both the president and vice- president from the secretary of state was tasked with organizing an election. i do not think so. he was not a lawyer, he was an actor. and a shakespearean actor who knew julius caesar bob carden for words. he viewed himself as during the right thing for roma. he viewed him
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